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Retirement & Income Planning

Retirement income planning has taken on more importance as Americans enjoy longer and healthier lives. You can expect to be retired for many more years than your parents or grandparents. But that happy circumstance comes with a price: It’s more difficult to make your assets stretch to cover the longer period of time. You’re more likely to outlive your money.

The key is effective planning. Preparing for retirement is the same as preparing to achieve any goal: It requires a long-term outlook, knowledge, disciplined action, and a clear idea of your goals and time horizon.

Start early

It’s never too early to start your retirement planning. Many of our clients are working professionals seeking to get a head start. Planning ahead and starting early puts time on your side and allows adequate time for assets to grow.

Nearing retirement

As you get closer to retirement, your goals and needs become more clear. At this stage, it is very important that you take the time to develop a sustainable plan. A sound retirement plan will help you to make realistic projections regarding how much you will be able to spend and help you implement strategies to maximize your assets.

In Retirement

Unfortunately, even after years of saving, most people seem to neglect this crucial part of retirement planning- how does the nest egg translate to a cash stream and how long will that cash stream last?  

A well designed retirement plan will not only prepare you for retirement but will also carry you through retirement.