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Subscription Based Financial Planning

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work with a financial adviser the way you work with any other trainer or insurance company? By paying a monthly fee, knowing exactly how much you’re going to pay each month, setting and meeting goals, while having the coach steer you in the right direction and assist with your goals?

At Life Plan Investments, we think financial and investment advice should be available to everyone, even if they are just starting and don’t currently have investments. We also believe that our clients’ financial interests should ALWAYS come before our own.
Because of these values, we’re introducing a new pricing structure!

This pricing structure makes creating and living your LIFE PLAN a truly obtainable reality. No longer is planning just for the wealthy. Life Plan is a subscription based model, where you pay each month for financial and investment advice.

Here’s how it works:

1. You come in for an initial meeting to discover your financial dreams and to discover where you’re at financially.

2. We develop a roadmap to help you meet your life plan (aka: your goals) based on your current financial state.

3. You receive a calendar of what we will do each month to help you achieve your goals!

Here are some examples of what the roadmap might include:

  • Creating a budget
  • Determining where you should invest your money
  • Choosing what type of insurance you need
  • Assessing how much you should be saving each month
  • Deciding how much to put aside for retirement and where to put it
  • Determine how much of a house or downpayment you can afford
  • Determine how much you can save for your child's education or how fast you can pay off your student loans

Who is Life Plan For: 

  • People who have have no idea where their money goes every month or how their checking, savings & 401k fit together.
  • Women going through or planning a Divorce (Note divorce planning is NOT about taking advantage of your husband.)
  • Businesses with 1 or 2 owners including Sole Proprietors, Partners, LLCs or S corps
  • Families just starting or starting over

With Life Plan, you’ll pay the same amount each month after your initial set up fee:
The annual fee has been manageably broken down into one upfront fee of $500 to get started and a flat monthly fee going forward to propel you towards meeting your financial goals. You can cancel at anytime without a termination fee. We believe you will be delighted with your progress and having support to tackle any financial challenges life brings.

You pay your car and health insurance every month hoping you never have to use it. Doesn't it make sense to pay for a Life Plan you need and will use?

If you are hoping to get your finances in order this year, to go from chaos to control with your money, Life Plan is perfect for you.

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