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Why We're Different

You are ready to work with a financial advisor. You have made it your mission to scour the internet for your best option, and to hopefully find a firm with values that align with your own. As you explore our website, you might notice something a little different about us. That’s because we make it a point to stand out from other firms, in every way imaginable.

Easy to work with? You bet!

Quick turnaround? The fastest!

Open lines of communication? Absolutely!

Effective investment strategies? You shouldn’t settle for anything less!

At Life Plan Investments, we believe that wealth management is a practice, not a product. As fiduciaries, it is our responsibility to provide you with valuable service that is always in your best interest. Unlike non-fiduciary firms, we take an ongoing holistic view of your financial universe, with an eye toward strategic and tactical long-term solutions. Regardless of what your goals happen to be, our goal is to help you build your wealth while protecting your assets.

Our experience as independent advisors allows us to provide you with a working knowledge of the complex issues you face every day. Whether you are a single young professional, starting a family, or readying for retirement - Life Plan Investments can help. We also specialize in being the trusted financial partner with business owners, sole proprietors, and independent contractors and guiding them toward the future they want.

You deserve to have confidence in your current and future finances. Our firm can help you achieve success as you pursue your short- and long-term goals. Give us a call today, and get to know more about what makes us different from other advisors in the area.

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